How to choose the right artificial flowers for your interior design

The tiniest detail can make or break the vibe of your interiors, no matter how you’re choosing to approach your brief. Even the most minor imperfection can be the difference between stylish and over-styled, especially when it comes to buying flowers.

Within the field of flowery additions for your space, there are always so many variables to choose from. The size of the blooms is just as important of a consideration as the colour or the volume of flowers needed. And then there’s your surrounding and decor to think about.

There is good news, though

Luckily, it’s 2019, and you can buy high-quality artificial flower arrangements online, without sacrificing on look and feel.  We’ve come a long way from the hyper-fake, dust-covered flowers in your grandma’s house. You can now easily snatch up some fancy blooms that’ll have your guests wanting to reach out and touch them to give them the old ‘are they real or fake?’ test.

Throw seasons out the window

With artificial flowers, you are not bound by what is in season or able to bloom well enough.

One of the major shortcomings of fresh flowers is their delicate nature. They’re often too delicate for twisting and pulling into an eye-catching arrangement, or for creating unique or unusual designs. This is where artificial flower arrangements triumph. While they’re soft to touch, they are also just as versatile and can be moulded into fascinating bouquets and arrangements.

If an intricate design is what you want, buying artificial flower arrangements online is the way to go. Trust us.

Less maintenance

Artificial blooms mean you also don’t have to worry about upkeep (or trying to keep them alive, if you don’t have a green thumb). You also don’t have to worry about whether or not they will look decent on the day of a special event, or whether or not you will continuously be sweeping to get rid of stray petals.

And then there’s the smell – eliminate the need to keep odours at bay or sensitive noses satisfied.  

How to choose the right type

Flowers are part of establishing the feeling of a place or event. However, choosing a floral arrangement means considering a few things.

As a rule of thumb, choose blooms that speak to your personality the most, or that you feel suits your event.

If you’re not sure where to start, a few key points include:

    • At a wedding, having centrepieces of long-stemmed, brightly coloured flowers that match your palette may look lovely in pictures, but could be overwhelming in the space and make it feel too busy.
    • A vase of white peonies may look stunning on their own, but on a coffee table in an already very white room, might be drowned out without surrounding colour.  
  • When buying artificial flowers online, you need to consider what purpose they will serve and how you want the space to feel. The room you put the flowers in is just as important as the flowers themselves, and careful thought should be put into making sure both elements work together in harmony.

Not sure where to start? Contact the Parker Road team for a tailored arrangement for your business or space.