How To Remove Trees With Minimal Spending

Tree removal has always been a challenging feat for many households as it’s a real-time consuming job that requires a full day’s work to remove trees that are growing on your property. Cutting down trees on your own is not advisable as it requires a certain amount of skill to know where to cut so that the tree falls out of harm’s way. You need to hire experts in tree removal Brisbane to cut down big trees, along with their unnecessary tree branches, that creates a hazard for you and your family, not to mention people who are passing by as well.

The hiring of a professional arborist can be quite expensive. It would be wise to review your budget before hiring an arborist for tree removal so that you know what to expect in terms of finances and how much you will need to spend. Removing a tree on your own might be more costly in the long run as there is a specialized manner in which a tree must be removed, not to mention the risk of injuring yourself in the process of removing the tree. There are cost effective ways to have unwanted trees removed from your property even when hiring an arborist. Let’s have a look at cost effective methods for tree removal you can enquire about with your arborist.

Various Methods To Remove Trees In A Cost Effective Manner;

  • Stump removal through chemical process – This is a process whereby chemical products are used to speed up the decomposition process of a dead tree stump for easy removal. These products can be found at any hardware store that sells gardening supplies. Although easy to apply, this method is potentially dangerous as the process takes anywhere from weeks to months to work and involves working with chemicals.
  • Stump removal through mechanical process – Stumps are removed using stump grinders. This process is fairly quick but the rental version of these machines are far smaller than commercially used ones. Check how efficient your arborist’s machine will be if they use this method of removal
  • Stump removal manual process – This process involves physically digging up the tree stump. This method is highly cost effective as it doesn’t involve the use of expensive equipment but physically strenuous, not to mention dangerous and time intensive.
  • Stump removal through the natural process – This process involves letting the stump decompose naturally. You can cover the stump in fertilizer and soil, this will help speed up the natural decomposition process.

As highlighted above there are quite a few ways to remove tree stumps cost effectively, but all of them are rather tedious and requires quite a lot of effort. If you are looking for tree stump removal specialists who employ qualified arborists in Brisbane then TreeSafe is here to assist you. We offer a comprehensive tree removal service that is efficient and cost effective. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and we pride ourselves on delivering a quality service to all our clients. Call us or visit us online for more information. Let us assist you with the expertise that you deserve!