Easy Steps For Aquaponics System Setup

aquaponics system

You need to pursue some guidelines for an aquaponics system setup whether you are a beginner or experienced gardener as there are always some new techniques which gardener needs to learn. It is very easy for you to setup an aquaponics system in your backyard for producing food that you are able to produce with little maintenance. With a little maintenance your aquaponics system can work properly, just you need to follow some simple steps.

Here is the list of some tips that you can follow to set up aquaponics system in your garden:

  1.      Select the best container for your backyard Aquaponic System
  2.      Select right container for your aquaponic fish
  3.      Choose best aquaponic plants
  4.      Choose best aquaponic fish for your container

Select The Best Container For Your Backyard Aquaponic System

This is one of the essential parts for setting up a backyard Aquaponic system for your plant container. The plant container is the place where your plants will grow. Just try to select that container which is non-toxic and must be waterproof.

Select Right Container For Your Aquaponic Fish

Before you are selecting a new container for your aquaponic fish, it is very important to consider a few things before making your selection.  Just keep these things in mind while selecting your container.

  1.      How much space do you have for installing a backyard aquaponic system ?
  2.      Check the size of the fish before selecting a container

For beginners you should start with a ratio of 1 with 1, which means 1 plant container to fish container. It is one of the most simplest and easy way to start. As you get more experience, you can increase the ratio to 2 with 1.

Choose Best Aquaponic Plants

In backyard aquaponics, almost all kind of plants can be grown. It’s even possible to grow attractive plants such as papaya and banana. You must choose that plants that can grow well in acidic or soil based media. Plants that need a high pH level are not suitable choice for backyard aquaponic system.

Various plants can be grown by seeds or transplant just like other soil based garden and must take the water pH level for nutrient uptake. Just try to grow those plants which can be easily grown in your backyard.

Choose Best Aquaponic Fish For Your Container

Just try to choose best fish for your container but first check the size of your container in which you want to put your fishes.