What Is The Importance Of Environmental Impact Assessment Studies To Development Industry?

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environment impact assessment (EIA) is a study of the protection of the environment as well as resource management. If we talk about the ancient time, people lived in perfect harmony with nature. They were close to nature but in this digital world, all is reverse to that time. No doubt, due to industrialization, urbanization we are surviving better but these have affected environment dramatically. Pollution and environment degradation are the results of lack of protection of the environment. There is main three kind of population such as water, air, and land pollution. All three kind of pollution is leading to potential health hazards and ecological imbalance. The government has made numbers of the program to control the pollution. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is one of those numbers of laws and policies that have made to the protection of the environment. The EIA is one of the best efforts to protect future of human being.

Define EIA

EIA is a processor effort towards the protection of the environment that stands for Environment Impact Assessment. The main purpose of this effort is to make atmosphere pollution free that covers air, water, and land pollution. The process of EIA is an official appraisal that has right to identify, evaluate and justify the biophysical and ecological effects. The main objective of EIA is to design effective project that helps to control pollution of the environment.


The EIA is a policy that has made to make environment pollution free. The process of EIA has basically involved three basic steps. Those steps are essential to make this process complete successfully. Such main three steps have listed below:

  1. Screening
  2. Scoping
  3. Documentation

These are three primary steps of the EIA process. For getting more information on the process of EIA you can contact to EIA Mauritius organization online. They are doing work n different environment protection projects.

Importance of EIA process

The EIA process provides the following advantages:

  • Decrease the risk of environmental disasters
  • Help to reducing project delay and cost
  • Best use of natural resources
  • Chance for public participation
  • Better effects on human health


The process EIA is a better step that will not only help remove existing issues but also protect to future challenges. There is just need for a better plan that involves effective strategies.

Credits: Mark Hutchinson